The Four Types of Touch

Touch is essential for good health

Approx 6 minutes to read

Most of us can benefit from receiving consensual, appropriate, non-sexual touch.

It is essential for good physical health. It can be soothing and calming for our stressed nervous system. And for many of us we can feel disconnected and emotionally unsupported, if we are not getting enough of it in our lives.

Unfortunately, many of us are not taught how to ask for the touch we want, or crave.

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Five Signs…You Are Being Manipulated

Manipulation can be hard to see

(Approx an 8 min read)

Sometimes in relationship, be it with a friend or a lover/partner, we can be aware something is not quite right, with the interactions we are having.

Then our mind kicks in with: “Nah, I’m imagining things” “He/she looks good and is saying the right things” “What’s wrong with me to think this, of such a nice person?”

Generally it’s only afterwards we realise we have been manipulated into doing something we did not want to do. Upon reflection, when it’s too late, we realise; ‘If I’d listened to my body, or intuition, I could have been awake to what was happening earlier’.

And therefore made different choices…

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We all have the same idea about monogamy. Don’t we?

Assumptions get us into trouble

(approx 3 minute read)

The quickest way to get into trouble in any relationship, is to assume your partner/lover, has the same understanding as yourself, for the words and concepts used in conversations, discussions and negotiations.

Take monogamy for example. We all know what that concept means don’t we?

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