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Today, the demands upon us are greater than ever – it’s harder to make ends meet. There’s less time for; relaxation, exercise, children, family, friends, and ‘me-time’ is practically non-existent.

Our relationships place unrealistic demands upon us – we’re expected to be: skilled counselors with high emotional intelligence, best friends, protectors, conflict management experts, providers, financial geniuses, perfect parents, sexy and attractive – with more love making skills than the courtesans of old, while we embody the god and goddess we really are, and look our best while doing it all!

No wonder so many of us are exhausted and are just over relating.

The old ways of relating just don’t cut it anymore. So, just how do we get what we want in relationship, and be what our partner/lover/spouse wants as well?

In this FREE two-hour seminar you will walk away with:

  • The seven essentials to creating Xtraordianry Relationships
  • Insights on how NOT to repeat the same old relationship patterns
  • Greater understanding of yourself and how your past experiences can support you in getting what you want
  • More clarity on how to create relationships with clear boundaries & agreements that support you both to shine brightly
To find out more about the Two-day workshop Creating Xtraordinary Relationships CLICK HERE!

This FREE Seminar is for:

  • Anyone wanting to create relationships that support passionate vitality, transparency, honesty & integrity, authenticity and erotic exploration with loving joyful aliveness!
  • Singles who are happy to be single, and yet desire more connection and communication
  • Singles who are wanting to create an amazing committed relationship
  • Couples who are wanting to ensure their relationship continues to sizzle with passionate connection

WHERE: Lotus Wellbeing Centre, Wollongong     WHEN: Tuesday 8th May, 5.30 till 7.30pm


CONTACT: Steve for more information on 0402 084 496 


Found Yourself in the Same Relationship with Different Packaging….Again!




It’s time to have relationships that serve us in ways that leave us feeling; loved, supported, respected, appreciated, valued and passionately loved up!

Have you ever found yourself saying to yourself… ”I’ve been here before” “This feels familiar”
“Why do I keep on attracting the same type of lover/partner?” “Oh no, not again!”

Are there times when you feel like it’s the same relationship, with a different person, again?

It’s enough to make you think all men and women are the same!

Well, they are not. However, we can tend to attract people with similar qualities in our lives.

The good news is, with a few skills and tools and little practice, this can change!

It’s time to create the relationships, with the ‘something more’, you have been wanting.

Do you want:

• To recognise the same old relationship patterns earlier, before you get too involved?
• Practical and easy to use tools to enable more rewarding and loving relationships?
• Your relationships to be a safe place to communicate openly and be authentic?

In this 2-hour seminar you will learn:

• To recognise when the same old relationship pattern is in front of you again
• Ways to compassionately understand the roles of all parties, in co-creating the unhelpful old relationship patterns
• The options you may have to enable you to choose something different next time
• What is it, you are really looking for in a relationship?

Excited couple holding hands and jumping outdoors

WHERE: Lotus Wellbeing Centre, 103 Crown St, Wollongong, NSW