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Steven.R. Sweeney has been fortunate in living a rich and varied life, on both a professional and personal level. This has given him a broad ranging set of professional skills that enables him to be very effective in supporting people who want some type of change in their lives.

He has been blessed with having the honour of learning from amazing teachers of contemporary counselling, group work and training and more holistic modalities of psycho-therapy, Breath-work, Sandplay, Massage, Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

Steve has driven trucks, demolished buildings, installed house alarms & intercom systems, worked on building sites, been a kitchen hand, salesperson, customs clerk and made pharmaceutical products.

He has studied Complementary Medicine and spent over 17 years as a Massage Therapist and Body Worker, which included over 14 years in private practice & offering massage in Sydney’s Five Star Hotels.

Steve has had extensive training in Counselling, Transpersonal & Somatic Therapies, Group Work, Training & Assessment, and adult education concepts.

He has been a group worker and trainer since 1996, facilitating workshops and seminars in; parenting & fathering, anger management, domestic/family violence, self-esteem, personal growth and men’s groups, relationship skills and emotional intelligence.

Steve has trained professionals in adult education concepts, family violence, working with men, group skills and anger management and advanced training methods. Most recently he also taught conscious relating, through Tantra and sacred sexuality.

Steve has a particular interest in the interplay and impact of emotional intelligence & body awareness on the quality of our relationships. He is passionate about the power of experiential learning in integrating the rational and non-rational aspects, of our mind, body, emotions and spirit.

He is the founder of Xtraordinary Relationships and currently offers seminars and workshops.

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