FREE 2-hour Mini Workshop

Oh No. Not Again!

Found yourself in the Same Relationship…just with different packaging…again?

Have you ever said things to yourself like:

“I’ve been here before”
“This feels awfully familiar”
“Oh No. Not again!”

Have you ever struggled with
understanding ‘What went wrong this time?

  • Creating Xtraordinary Relationships!
  • Oh No. Not Again!
  • Tending the Fire of Erotically Passionate Relationships

No more blaming yourself, or
wasting time working out Why?

Never again fall for the same old lines,relationship dissatisfactions, or settle for less than you deserve.

It’s time to ‘be differently’ in relationships

In this FREE 2-hour Mini Workshop you will learn:

  • How to recognise the warning signs you are heading down the same old pathway again!
  • Ways to avoid the same old relationships patterns
  • Why it is important to be clear on what your intent is, with every interaction, date, workshop, party etc.
  • Ways to ask for what you want in relationship
  • Why trusting your body is so important

It’s time to create that relationship, with the ‘something more’, you have been waiting for

This FREE Seminar is for:

  • Anyone wanting to create relationships that support passionate vitality, transparency, integrity, authenticity and erotic exploration with loving joyful aliveness!
  • Singles who are happy to be single, and yet desire, more connection and communication
  • Singles who are wanting to create an amazing committed relationships
  • People who are part of a couple who have recognised an old pattern and want to learn ways to change it