Are you wanting ‘that something more’ that seems to be missing in so many relationships?


Does your relationship need a make-over?

Maybe you’re in a relationship that is comfortable, solid, reliable, safe, predictable, with few surprises any more – consequently, it’s missing something…

Remember the early days in your partnership?

The thrill of being together.

That intoxicating feeling of being with someone new and exciting. Two bodies coming together in joyous pleasure. The connection, passion, the pure aliveness of being together.

Do you want some of that back?

It can be done.

Do you have the courage to go deeper together?

Deeper into connecting on so many levels.

Diving into erotic passion, in ways that only come with a depth of meeting of each other, in authenticity and personal power.

Opening to depths of love, safety and trust that transform the very meaning of the term ‘being together’.  

Many of us have a sense there must be ‘something more’ to relationships. 

There is a better way…


My name is Steve Sweeney and I have created Xtraordinary Relationships, with the intent to support people in identifying what an Xtraordinary Relationships looks like for them, and how to go about creating it if you are single. Or, co-creating one, if you are single. Or, co-creating one, if you are in a relationship.

There is a better way to discovering the path to Xtraordinary Relationships.

We are committed to serving you in discovering what you vision of an Xtraordinary Relationships looks like and how we may assist you in creating it!


We offer a range of face to face and digital resources, that are practical, easy to implement and experiential in nature, so you will be able to practice in your own time, in your own unique way…

The key to creating Xtraordinary Relationships is practice. We develop, test and grow our relationships skills by being a recluse and refusing to face the challenge of engaging with other human beings.

We know from our own experience and that of many many others before you, how challenging, painful,frustrating and futile relationships can be.

We also know how deeply satisfying, satiating, supportive, connected and joyfully, passionately loving they can be too. Otherwise we wouldn’t make the effort to get connected and take the risk in making it work this time.

We bring over 25 years of learning, experimenting, failing/succeeding and persistent daily practice – on a personal, as well as professional level, to our unique methods.

Thousands of people have benefited from using these simply unique and practical skills, tools & strategies in their relationships.


Join us now and you too can feel more confident, competent, authentic & passionately alive and loving in your closest relationships.

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‘It does not have to be like this’