Do you want an extraordinary life?

Or, are you content with an ordinary existence?


If you’re content with your ordinary existence, as it now stands, don’t read any further. You’ll be wasting your time.

It’s easy being on auto-pilot in life.

Allowing life to go by, entering, tolerating, and then leaving the ordinary relationships that come with doing things as we have always done them.

Then. When things don’t go the way we want.

We can easily play the victim & blame; others, the system, our parents, the patriarchy and the other gender, for all the disappointments, hurts, betrayals, traumas, & failures, that life so generously gives us.

If we seek to be blameless in our emotional pain and cover ourselves in the comforting blanket of victim hood, in this day and age, we will be supported in doing so!

No need to be responsible.

We may even find this approach to relationships comfortable. And yet, deeply unsatisfactory.

Yet… on the other hand.

When the deeply felt urge for something different. More meaningful. In our most intimate of relationships, begins to bubble up from somewhere deeper inside of us.

Just where do you go?

When we really are over all the normal B.S. that passes for normal, in ordinary relationships. When we really are over the; disappointments, betrayals, dissatisfaction, heartache, frustrations, miscommunications, unfulfilled sex lives and just feeling unloved, unseen, unheard, devalued and under appreciated.

Then it’s time for something different.

WE are the ones who have to be making different decisions; before, during and after, the intimate relationships that are in our lives. If we really want to create something that is very different from what we had in the past.

We are the ones who have to have the willingness, to test our ability daily, by going outside of our relational comfort zone, and deliberately choosing to cut the old crap that does work, out of our lives.

No matter how challenging the prospect. WE have to make the changes, that will give us the different outcomes, we are deeply craving.

My name is Steve Sweeney and my vision for Xtraordinary Relationships, is to provide to support people in identifying what exactly does an Xtraordinary Relationship look like for you?

Once the vision is clear, then we will provide the various tools, resources, content, & skills needed, to go about creating the vision you have identified for yourself, and your partner, if you have one.

I bring over 25 years of professional and personal learning, study, experimenting, failing/succeeding and persistent daily practice, to the resources at Xtraordinary Relationships.

Thousands of people have benefited from using these simple, unique, and practical skills, tools & strategies, to move their intimate relationships from being ordinary, to Xtraordinary.





To transform our intimate relationships from ordinary to Xtraordinary, we need to ask ourselves two questions.

AND it is essential to ask these two questions in the correct order.

The first question is: Where am I going?

The second question is: Who will come with me?

Sounds simple enough?

Yet, there is a lifetime of contemplation, reflection and re-assessing, that can go into to these two simple questions.


Join us now and you too can feel more confident, competent, authentic & passionately alive and loving in your closest relationships.

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‘It does not have to be like this’