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As we go through life, growing older and hopefully a little wiser with each of our relationship experiences. Most of us have had our fair share of relationships that have not turned out quite as we imagined.

Sometimes we may think being in a relationship, is just too much hard work.

There are challenges to:
  • finding the right partner
  • negotiating and getting what I want in relationship
  • dealing with difference and conflict
  • asking for what I want
  • opening up again
  • trusting someone new
  • changing my relationship which is in a rut
  • being the best parent I can be AND be the best partner/lover/friend I can

Are you tired of saying to yourself and to friends “I just cannot believe this happened to me again!”, after another relationship bites the dust?

The Solutions to these Relationship Challenges are:
  • increased self awareness
  • managing our internal world – what we think, believe and feel
  • stepping outside our comfort zones to realise new levels of intimacy, honesty, authenticity, sensuousness, openness and vulnerability
  • stepping into our personal power
  • owning what we really, deeply crave to do and to be
  • being prepared to step up into who we really are
  • developing skills in – conflict management, communication, intimacy, sensuality, seduction, asking for what we want, breaking old patterns, negotiation, etc.
The good news is…

We aim to support you in creating the life that you dream of.

Through co-creating Xtraordinary Relationships – with the people already in your life, and the new ones who are yet to appear and are coming your way.

With our: seminars, workshops, groups, and online resources.

We will offer the tools, skills and unique framework necessary. For you to work out, for yourself, what an Xtraordinary Relationship is for you, and how do you go about co-creating it with a new, or existing partner or lover.

This is not just another theoretical approach to relating based on theory, or fanciful concepts.

The resources offered here will be practical, easy to implement and experiential in nature, so you will be able to practice in your own time, in your own unique way…

There is nearly 30 years of learning and practice, on a personal as well as professional level, behind Xtraordinary Relationships.

Over 1,000 people have benefited from using these simple, unique and practical steps in their relationships.

We look forward to meeting you soon at a seminar or workshop near you.

Over time. We aim to offer support at all stages of relationship: starting a new one, going deeper together, endings, separations, parenting, separated parenting, sexuality, negotiating and much, much more!

Please return again and again. More resources, information and useful tips will added regularly.

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