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Personal Development and Relationships with Integrity

It’s time to have relationships in our lives, that open our; hearts, minds & bodies to a lived experience of joy, aliveness and contentedness.

Manifesting partnerships that serve us in ways that leave us feeling; loved, connected, supported, respected, appreciated, valued and passionately loved up!

Many people I have spoken with over the decades have expressed a desire to create relationships that have that ‘something more’!



The reality is that constantly dealing with the needs, wants, desires and demands of others in every-day life, can be tough.

Relationships can be challenging.

Yet the truth for most of us is, we would drive ourselves crazy within 3 weeks, if we went off to live in a cave on our own!

No wonder most of us find being in a full time relationship challenging!

And in this day and age, Relationships can place demands upon each of us to be;

• An expert in anger & conflict management, plus negotiation
• Exactly what our partner expects and wants
• Able to love our partner, in the special way they want
• Awesome communicators with magical abilities for empathy and listening
• Be available sexually, AND be a highly skilled, passionately sensitive lover, too!

Our relationships, instead of being that one place where we can relax, let go, chill out, be loved, understood and supported, end up being a place of tension, demands, unmet expectations and sometimes unsafe.

Yet when it works, it’s magical. It’s worth it.

To be loved and to love. To be met sensually, sexually, physically, and to feel safe to authentically express who we are, warts and all, and to feel genuine acceptance and gratitude.

Ahhh….now that is bliss.

But, how to get there?

After three decades of studying, working, personal work and teaching, Steven R Sweeney of Xtraordinary Relationships, has brought over three decades of learning, lived life experience and knowledge together, to create the Seven Step System to Co-Creating Xtraordinary Relationships!

Co-creating Xtraordinary Relationships – with the people already in your life, and the new ones who are yet to appear and are coming your way.

We offer the tools, skills and unique framework necessary, for you to work out for yourself, what an Xtraordinary Relationship is for you.

And how do you go about co-creating it with a new, or existing partner, or lover.

This is not just another theoretical approach to relating based on theory, or esoteric concepts.

The resources offered here will be practical, easy to implement and experiential in nature, so you will be able to practice in your own time, in your own unique way…

There is over 30 years of learning and practice, on a personal as well as professional level, behind Xtraordinary Relationships.

Thousands of people have benefited from using these simple, unique and practical steps in their relationships.

We look forward to meeting you soon at a seminar or workshop near you.

Please return again and again. As time moves on and we grow, more resources, information and useful tips will added.

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