For those who haven’t met me yet, my name is Steve Sweeney, and I’m the founder of Xtraordinary Relationship!

Looking back over my life, when I reflect upon the struggles I faced, it’s hard to believe the level of neediness & ineptness I had in relating. Hence, I’ve been through the wringer when it comes to relationships.

I’ve failed a lot – I’ve been through most of the ecstatic highs & devastating lows of relating.

These often painful experiences drove me to try & find a better way. A pathway to learn how to negotiate, establish my boundaries, be genuine in my ‘Yes’ & my ‘No’, and how to be comfortable in feeling the emotions that flowed so strongly through me & communicating effectively.

I spent much time, & a great deal of money over 25 years, learning from many wise & knowledgeable mentors to transform the way I related with my lovers & partners.

Out of this journey, I developed a passion for helping & guiding people in their journey towards establishing their unique framework, in co-creating intimate partnerships with passion, power, connection & love.

The next step in this journey for me, was to establish my Facebook Group ‘Secrets to Xtraordinary Relationships!’

In this community, you will have the opportunity to connect & network with other like minded people, as well as with other guides, coaches, & thought leaders in the community.

My vision is that one day soon it will be normal for people to have intimate partnerships, with passion.

The intent is to have people from all over the world coming together to share their respective wisdom & experience, and to ask the important questions they want answered.

It’s my goal to help 10.000 people establish the framework to create the relationships of passion, power, connection and love, that they deeply desire.

If this sounds interesting and useful to you, click on the button & check out the group.

Look forward to seeing you there!