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What we are about…

Our intention is to help you discover for yourself. what on Xtraordinary Relationship looks like. for you. and your partner. if you
have one.

Then to provide the tools. skills. concepts, and opportunities, to learn how to go about creating your vision Or co-creating it, if you
are already in a committed relationship

If that sounds like something you are interested in finding out moro about.



My name is Steve Sweeney. and I’m excited you have found your way here.

If you’re looking for practical, useful and easily implemented tools and skills in creating relationships that actually work. Then you are in the right place.

Maybe you’re already in a committed relationship that is heading in a direction that does not sit well for one, or both of you — and you want ways to alter the direction the relationship is heading, while strengthening the connection you have together.

If your single and the allure and excitement of one night stands and casual encounters. is becoming a little stale and empty, and a desire for a committed relationship is beginning to grow…

Or you’re single and loving it yet are wanting something a little more substantial and deeper in your next connection — but do not
know how to change who you attract, or how to ask for what you are looking for.

Then you’re in the right place

I’ve mentored and guided 1,000’s of people in their search for the information skills and personal awareness tools needed, to get out of old relational habits and jump into a new way of connecting, negotiating and relating – where they can safely express more of their authentic self, in partnership.

Explore the content here and you too can feel moro confident, competent, authentic. & passionately loving in your
closest relationships.

I use these very same techniques. tools and skills in my partnership and with my children with great success.

Here’s my approach in a nutshell

Identify what an Xtraordinary Relationship looks like for yourself (and your partner if already in a committed relationship) and then gain the practical skills, self-awareness and emotional intelligence needed. to co-create the shared vision with your partner.

It’s that simple. And it’s that complicated and challenging too!

Importantly. it’s worth it.

There are many ways to define relationships that work and it is important for you to have your own definition that fits with your
values, aims, desires and stage of life.

What is an Xtraordinary Relationship?

I can begin by saying what it is not It is not ordinary.

Ordinary relationships can be characterised by:

  • high levels of dissatisfaction, conflict and tension
  • distance between the partners
  • lack of trust and goodwill
  • lots of blame, finger pointing and using victimhood as an avoidance strategy and a way to have power over the other
  • many misunderstandings and lack of empathy
  • power and control issues marked lots
  • poor communication skills that miss the mark
  • misunderstandings that easily and frequently escalate into conflict that needn’t occur
  • low sexual satisfaction and expression
  • nan-sexual touch can be low or missing entirely
  • each trying to get what they want at the expense of the other

Differences in the relationship, in beliefs, philosophy, perceptions, POVs and intimacies, are seen as threatening, wrong and
in-tolerable. Where differences are judged. put-down. criticised. slighted. made wrong. or less than.

Distance — emotional. physical. sexual. energetic and intellectual Power dynamics. where one or both partners are struggling for
some type of dominance or power and control over the other — which includes a victimhood mentality that is the basis for
manipulation and collusion with people outside the relationship…

Whew…..that’s a pretty awful list…and rs notcomplete… I feel drained just writing it.

So. on the positive side.

What is an Xtraordinary Relationship?

It’s the Xtra that is the difference between the ordinary and the Xtraordinary!

Xtraordinary relationships are characterised by:

  • high levels of contentedness, joy and support
  • closeness between the partners
  • a foundation of trust care and goodwill
  • continued attempts to understand and empathise with each other
  • ongoing negotiation checking in and open communication of desires and wants
  • improving communication skills in an environment that encourages risk and accepts that mistakes do occur
  • higher levels of sexual satisfaction and expression — all parties recognise sex and eroticism play an important role in maintaining connection and do not occur by
    chance — sox and erotic play has to bo planned and intended
  • non-sexual touch that is valued and is separate from sexual touch
  • each partner trying to get what they want with a win-win intention
  • the acceptance that wo all are doing the best we can, at any moment, with what we have been given
  • an appreciation that our differences are just that, differoncoe They are not judged as being better or worse, as less than. or better than. They are just differences — which are appreciated and valued. For it’s the differences between us that set off the initial erotic/sexual spark. that brought us together in the first place
  • partnerships that are co-created — all parties in the relationship take full responsibility for their role and contribution. in how the relationship is now — or was
  • each party taking full responsibility for their behaviour and choices in the relationship
  • an intent to empower each other to be the best most authentic version of ourselves we can be

Thero aro many more you will read about as you explore this website. But for now.

Lastly. Xtraordinary Relationships are seen as a vehicle for personal growth & development, and spiritual awareness.

I’ve been sharing with people for years:

If you want to learn about yourself, get into a committed relationship.

If you REALLY want to learn about yourself. throw yourself into the deepest end of the transformative crucible. and raise a child or two. While in a committed relationship!

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Is there a key, a simple ‘thing’ creating Xtraordinary
Relationships can be boiled down to?

There is one essential factor in creating Xtraordinary Relationships — without this factor, nothing will change in your life.

You must get out there and try NEW WAYS OF RELATING!

Reading. listening and watching videos will give you the theoretical understanding.

Which is important.

However, if you do not try something new in your relationship, being more honest, taking the risk in revealing who you are and what you want speaking up about your desires, getting into


It’s like becoming an expert on horse riding. through reading. watching videos and listening to Podcasts — if you have not actually got on a horse — your knowledge gained by reading and watching will have limited value when you actually get on that horse!

And there are many people out there teaching relationship skills – who have never been in a long term relationship!

To find out more watch this video