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Tending the Fire of

Erotic Passion in Intimate Relationships

Keeping sex, pleasure & erotic passion Alive in intimate Committed Relationships

Erotic passion and sexual energy in relationship are similar.

Without the necessary fuel, spark, ongoing erotic heat and oxygen to produce long lasting sexual passion -the erotic flame that once was, will falter, diminshing to such an extent that no amount of fanning will ‘get the fire going again’.

To keep the erotic passion burning in relationship, a clear intent from both parties to tender the fire of passion is essential.

Passionate erotic sexual fire, in along term relationship, does not ‘just happen’. It needs to be tended to. Nurtured & fanned occasionally, with a liberal dose of a flammable material.

How do you do that?

How do people in committed relationships keep the sex alive, when there are so many competing expectations and demands on our lives?

The daily commute takes longer, careers demand more and more of our time and energy, the stresses of paying the mortgage/rent, organising the kids, kids sport and childminding, the demands of elderly parents or parents that are demanding, the feeling of not being supported, understood or appreciated in our relationship.

Not to mention the exhaustion of all this coming together at the end of another day, with so many obligations, commitments and the relentless demands of being a partner and/or parent-‘and now you want MORE of me!

Something that gave us so much pleasure(and still can) when we were single and in the beginning, has now transformed into being another pressure filled, stress causing, performance demanding obligation, that is hard to differentiate from all the other demands on my being.

Many ask themselves.Is this really what monogamy looks & feels like?
Is this it?

If you do not start talking, talking risks, being more real & honest with yourself and each other, and making the effort to make sex worthwhile again. Then yes, this is it.

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Is that what you want?

If you want:

  • sex to be FUN again
  • more pleasure in your life
  • to go deeper into the ways erotic pleasure can bring you closer than ever before
  • to feel more erotically ALIVE in your relationships
  • ways to reconnect and be closer to your partner again

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In this series of One-day workshops you will learn:

  • How to co-create the conscious relatioships container which is the foundation for more honest, authentic, passionately erotic relationships
  • The importance of putting aside time to connect sexually with your partner
  • Tools & skills to create more dynamic relationships
  • How to set up the foundation for a better relationship next time
  • How to re-set what your relationship is now
  • Waysto work postively with the deep emotions, that being in relationship, often triggers

This Series of One-day workshops is ideal for:

  • Couples wanting to go deeper together
  • Singles wanting ways to maximise the possibility the next relationship will be better than the last
  • Couples wanting to rekindle the passion of old

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