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Today, the demands upon us are greater than ever. There’s less time for; relaxation, exercise, children, family, friends, and ‘me-time’ is practically non-existent.

How do we get what we want in our relationships?


Our relationships place unrealistic demands upon us — we’re expected to be: skilled counsellors with high emotional intelligence, best friends, protectors, conflict management experts, providers, financial geniuses, perfect parents, sexy and attractive – with more love making skills than the courtesans of old, while we embody the god and goddess we really are, and look our
best while doing it all!

Many of us are yearning for that ‘something more’ in our intimate relationships that seems to be missing.

We aim for relationships that are loving, supportive, nourishing, passionately erotic and authentic. Yet so many of us end up in relationships that drain us, leave us feeling disconnected, disrespected, unappreciated, devalued and sexually dissatisfied.

The old ways of relating just dofft cut it anymore. No wonder so many of us are exhausted and are just over relating.

So, just how do we get what we want in relationship, be what our partner/lover/spouse wants, and support each other in being confident, loved, supported, juicy individuals as well?

In this FREE one-hour Webinar you will walk away with:
  • Insights on how NOT to repeat the same old relationship patterns
  • More tools, skills and hints in creating relationships that work for you!
  • Different strategies and approaches in managing intimate relationships
  • Greater understanding of yourself and how your past experiences re-create what you dont want
This FREE Webinar is for:
  • People who are inspired to create relationships that support passionate vitality, transparency, integrity, authenticity and erotic
    exploration with oving joyful aliveness!
  • Singles who are happy to be single, and yet desire more connection and communication
  • Singles who are wanting to create an amazing committed relationship
  • Couples who are wanting to ensure their relationship continues to sizzle with passionate connection







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