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Stop Being Nice & Start Being Real


Stop Being Nice & Start Being Real Having worked with many people over the years in a counselling role, as a tantra teacher, and facilitating many types of groups & trainings, I’ve observed many couples striving valiantly to be ‘nice’ to each other and show their best side to each other, all the time. Which, […]

The Key to Intimate Relationships

What if there was one essential key, to experiencing intimate relationships that really work?

Sure, there are all sorts of skills, tools, concepts, behaviour modification strategies and awareness techniques, we can; learn, use, and implement – to improve our relating.


If we could distill and filter, all the non-essential items and aspects of relating out of the mix, leaving just the core, one or two, essential ingredients.

What would they be?

Six Steps to Heal a Broken Heart

THE HURT We all behave differently when experiencing the pain, hurt, disappointment and rejection of a significant relationship ending. Some will retreat into a cave, where it’s safe – cutting off from temptation, hurt & disappointment. Choosing the illusory protection of the proverbial cave or hut to prevent further hurt to their fragile heart. Others […]

How do men learn about women, sex and relating?

As part of my role in learning about the on-line world, I have become a consumer of social media. I get to read the many aspects of humanity in all our very vocal, messy, enlightened, aggressive and inarticulate expressions. This cornucopia of human polarity, reactivity, judgement, insight and rationality, often expressed with emotional violence, constantly […]

Hints for More Loving Touch in Relationship

The importance of touch in intimate relationships varies from partnership to partnership. Some of us want/need lots of non-sexual touch. Some of us do not need or want it at all. Therefore, it’s important in relationship to determine what each persons needs and wants regarding touch are. Otherwise it can become a source of conflict […]

Five Warning Signs You are being Manipulated

Sometimes, in our interactions with another person, we can become aware of something being ‘off’, or ‘not quite right’. It can be as subtle as a sense of feeling ‘yukky’ or squeamish about a person. With nothing concrete to put our finger on. Or, it can be outright emotional coercion that is obvious and we […]

Assumptions Cause Conflict

Have you ever been in a relationship with little good-will towards each other. consequently leading to misunderstandings which cause lots of anger, hurt, mistrust and conflict? No matter how hard you both tried to work through the differences – the same old misunderstandings & issues, keep ‘coming up’ and repeating themselves? Its amazing how the […]