Found Yourself in the Same Relationship with Different Packaging….Again!

Series of 2 X One-Day Workshops – do one or do both!

Have you ever started a new relationship and after a short time, found yourself
saying things to yourself like… “This feels awfully familiar” “I’ve been here before” “Oh,No. Not again!”

It’s like being in the same relationship- with a different person – again and again. Have you ever asked yourself “How di I stop repeating the same old relationship patterns?”

Then this series of one-day workshop is for you!

Do them individually or take the opportunity to make the most of your time to make permanent changes in the choices you make around relationships.

Day one in the series, is focused on recognising the patterns we repeat,
understanding where they come from and practicing tools that will empower us to recognise even more about the way we operate in relationships.

The tools and skills learned in days two and three in the series, are aimed at empowering us to consciously make the right choices for us now, around and who we share our bodies and our hearts with.

Tired of attracting the same old relationship pattern?
The Learn How to Change It!

Do you want to:

  • To recognise when the same old relationship pattern is in front of you again BEFORE you get involved?
  • Learn what is our role in co-creating these old patterns and how to change them
  • Have the tools and skills needed to stop the same old pattern and recognise when a new opportunity is in front of you?
  • Know what is it you really looking for in a realtionship>

In this series of two 1 – day seminars you will learn:

Day One:

Is focused on understanding the how and why we repeat the same old patterns

Day Two

Is focused on learning practical skills and tools to insure we DO NOT repeat the same old patterns!

Over the two days you will learn about:

  • The way our habits become the patterns which determine our relationship choices
  • Ways to recognise the same old pattern when it shows up in your life
  • Practical tools and skills for NOT repeating the same old patterns in relationships
  • How to create the foundations for better relationships
  • What signs to look for to indicate this relationship is going down the same old pathway