Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Will I be able to come late?

A. We encourage to give yourself extra time to travel to the venue so you can arrive early. We know ‘life gets in the way sometimes’ and circumstances outside our control can make us late. If you are going to be late please notify us AS SOON AS YOU KNOW, with a phone call.

Q? Is it OK to come if I’m single? Or, part of a couple?

A. Of course!
This event is suitable for couples and singles.

Q? I am coming with my partner, can we do any excercise together?

A. As a couple you will be given an opportunity to work with your partner, and to have some experience with other people – which will enhance your relationship and communication skills.
Our request and challenge to you both, is to step outside your comfort zones and work with other people – together and alone. Remember you both are at choice and we encourage to make the choices that are most empowering for you both.
We will inform you of the excercise and activities that would be best done together to enhance your relationship.

Q? My partner and I are(or one of us) is considering ending the relationship. Is this a good workshop for us?

A. No.
This series of workshops are designed to strengthen existing relationships or provide the skills and tools needed to help make the next one better. If your relationships ‘is on the rocks’ there is a goodchance these workshops will highlight the differences and incompatibility that is between you.
We recommend seeing a couples relationship therapist first, then coming when you are more of a team and strong together.

Q? Will I be partnered with people I do not like, or want to be with?

A. As a singleperson, or part of a couple, you are always at choice with what you do and who you ‘partner with’.
Having said that, it’s important to remember we are all humans with feelings and before you decide not to work with someone, before you know them, just feel into what that would feel like for yourself if someone took that position with you.

Q? What if this is my first time at a personel growth type event?

A. We welcome you!
Our aim is to provide a safe place for everyone to have an experience that is empowering and authentic. You will be supported to expand your comfort zone in the way that suits you best. There will people who are first timers or who consider themselves beginners, as well as others who have lots of experience attending events such as this.

Q? What should I bring?

A. Please wear loose comfortable clothing, in layers, and bring some water to drink. If you have a favourite shawl or scarf to wear when it is a bit cool, bring that too.
Writing materials if needed.
A big smile is always welcome too!

Q? Can I pay at the door on the day of the workshop?

A. We encourage participants to pay prior to the start of the workshop.
If this is not possible, we request you pay a deposit before the workshop begins and make arrangements to pay the outstanding amount via cash or EFT before the workshop begins in the morning.

Q? Do yo offer concessions?

A. Concessions are available to those genuinely in need. If you are a concession card holder, unemployed, or having trouble making ends meet, please talk to us about how we can assist you. However, if you do not fit these criteria, please do not ask for a concession, as refusal can offend.

Please Note:

As part of our desire to constantly improve the quality of the information and the way the information is delivered, we will at times take audio recordings of events.These audio recordings are set up to record the facilitator’s voice and are used in improving our workshops and to produce new materials and events.

Participants voices, if recorded incidentally as part of this program, are usually in audible or indecipherable.