Yes – No – Maybe?

An evening workshop

Successfully Negotiating Consent & Permission in a Changing World


We need better ways of communicating with each other when negotiating consent & permission around; flirting, touch, sensuality and sexuality with each other.

Importantly. We need it now.

Too few of us have been taught how to negotiate the potentially treacherous waters of relational & sexual consent – with any degree of skill, authenticity or certainty. Nobody taught us how to be in integrity with ourselves, AND how to ask for and negotiate for what, and who, we want.

To complicate matters further.Many of us, are not only taught to separate our minds from our bodies, we are encouraged to ignore the non-rational transmissions from our body centered wisdom entirely.

So when we think about giving our consent, we often do not include what our body desires,so

What we need now is a model of consent & permission that is inclusive of the desires of both mind AND body, as well as the rational and non-rational data we receive constantly about the world and people around us.

We call this ‘Body Centred Consent’-
Where ‘Yes means Yes’ ‘No means No’
& ‘Maybe mens No’

This evening workshop is intended to provide participants with a real-time, lived experience, of exploring their personal edge with consent and permission around giving and receiving touch consciously -in a structured,clearly defined, safe environment.

Where every decision is encouraged to be made by consciousvocalised choice, and every voice is given permission and encouraged to speak their authentic Yes and No.

Each evening is different, yet each will include this broad structure:

The join us for the next FREE mini-workshop, which will give a little taste of what is in the next upcoming series of one-day work.We begin with two experiential learning processes -‘Four Types of Touch’ & ‘Body Centered Consent’. This is thefoundation for nurturing the clear communication of the three essential aspects of interpersonal communications:

  1. What is occurring in my body-mind complex
  2. What is my perception of what is happening for the person we are engaging with
  3. What is my perception of what is occurring between us
  1. A number of opportunities to practice this process with different people will build skills and confidence with experience.
  2. This will be followed by structured, and unstructured free flow opportunities, to engage in consensual, non-sexual touch- conscious snuggling & cuddling. This is the main part of the evening.
  3. Lastly, we will come together in community in a ‘revelations circle’, where everyone will have the opportunity to share their experience with the group – to reveal their experience of themselves, the evening as a whole, and of others during the evening.
  4. A final circle will complete the evening

The intention of the evening ‘Yes -No – Maybe’ is to create a structured environment where each participant is given an opportunity to:

  • Explore and learn what their boundaries are, around giving and receiving touch, and experience how their boundaries can change, moment to moment
  • Learn their authentic ‘Yes’& ‘No’ and have the experience of voicing their ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and having it honoured
  • Identify what their learning edge is around communication and giving and receiving touch
  • Expand their comfort zones, around touch, in a safe and manageable manner
  • Leave the evening feeling empowered, with new reference points in communications, negotiation and touch
  • Experience their body in a new way, having a more relaxed nervous system, that result from receiving the safe, consensual, non-sexual touch, their body is craving

Each evening experience is different , so if ypu have experienced ‘Yes -No -Maybe’ previously, be prepared for a different experience. As the room will have new people, with a range of skill levels, which will create a new ‘flavour’ for the evening.

The Outline for this evening is as follows:

[or a 6pm start is experimented with, so we finish at 10pm]

  • 7:00 pm
  • 7:15 pm
  • 8:30 pm
  • 9:50 pm
  • 10:00 pm
  • 10.45 pm
  • 11:00 pm
  • Arrival,
    meet and great
  • Body Centred
    Consent – The Four types of Touch
  • Cuddle- Snuggle Open Floor
  • short break
  • Revelations Circle
  • Ending circle
  • Close

PLEASE NOTE: No food or drink allowed on floor – ONLY water in closed containers There will be four areas:

  • The main open floor where consensual non-sexual touch is exchanged, requested and offered
  • Quiet corner where eye gazing, quiet talking and pairs who want some space hang out
  • The alone space -this is where we go when want some alone time
  • The energy clearing corner – where emotional release can occur – if you triggered -get it out

When is the next Yes.No. Maybe? Find Out Here

Frequently Asked Question

Q? Will I be able to come late?

A. No. The nature of the evening prevents people from arriving late. Once we close the circle and begin the structured aspect of the evening the door will be locked. And your payment will be forfeit as well.

Q. Is it OK to come if I’m single? Or, part of a couple?

A. Of course!
This event is suitable for couples and singles.

Q? I am coming with my partner, can we do any excercise together?

A. As a couple you will be given an opportunity to work with your partner and to have some experiences with other people -which will enhance your relationship and communications skills.
Our request and challenge to you both, is ti step outside your comfortzones and work with other people – together and alone. Remember you both are at choice and we encourage to make the choices that are most empowering for you both.

Q. Will I be partnered with people I do not like, or want to be with?

A. As a single person, or part of couple, you are always at choice with what you do and who you ‘partner with’. Having said that, it’s important to remember we are all humans with feelings and before you decide not to work with someone, before you know them, just feel into what that would feel like for yourself if someone took that position with you.